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Michelle Liu: IChemE Student Member

"I'm studying towards a 5-year chemical engineering masters degree at the University of Strathclyde, UK. I became a student member after learning about IChemE's role and the benefits of membership during an IChemE visit to my university.

The Chemical Engineer provides interesting chemical engineering news and information. the Knovel library is also very useful in aiding my project work. In the future I plan to become a Chartered Chemical Engineer and make the most of networking opportunities provided by IChemE."

Jerard Koon: IChemE Student Member

"Joining IChemE has been one of the smartest things I’ve done as a student. They have provided me with opportunities that I would not have had otherwise. Each month, IChemE and Engineers Australia work together to host events here in Melbourne, ranging from student information sessions, networking events to site visits and special topic presentations. Specifically relevant to students are two events; a panel discussion with recent graduate chemical engineers about how they got their first jobs and the Pratt Prize Awards Night.

At these events I have had the chance to meet a variety of different chemical engineers from the petroleum, chemical, consulting and water industries. They have always been happy to chat to me and inform me of the realities of industry. The opportunities to network are incredible. I highly recommend joining IChemE and attending some of their events."

Alison Hynd: IChemE Student Member

"I am working towards a 5-year masters degree in chemical engineering at the University of Strathclyde, UK. I became a member in my first year when an IChemE representative gave a presentation about the importance of becoming a member of your relevant professional body, and how it can benefit your professional development.

Membership has been a great advantage to my studies so far; the Student Handbook  has been very useful and having access to the Knovel library has been extremely advantageous from a coursework perspective, while The Chemical Engineer magazine provides up to date information on developments within the process industries.

My goal is to become a Chartered Chemical Engineer. In the meantime I hope to become involved in my regional IChemE Member Group in order to network with other members and learn how to further my professional development while still at university."

Andrew Baines: IChemE Student Member

"I'm in my 4th year studying towards a MEng in chemical and energy engineering at the University of Birmingham, UK. I joined IChemE at  the beginning of my first year and since then it's been very useful to me. 

Perhaps the most useful tool is The Chemical Engineer. It has been an incredible tool for interviews, enabling me to talk confidently about current developments and hot topics of debate within chemical engineering."

Jon Vaughan: IChemE Student Member

"I am in my 3rd year of a 4 year MEng chemical engineering degree at Newcastle University, UK. I became a student member after learning about IChemE, how Chartership works, and the benefits of IChemE membership, during a visit from an IChemE representative in my first year.

One of the useful benefits of membership is access to IChemE's special interest groups. I'm hoping that one of these groups will be able to help myself and my group during our 3rd year design project.

I have since become an active member of the Chemical Engineering Society Committee at Newcastle University, and we have forged a relationship between the university and IChemE’s Tyneside member group, with whom we hold joint events." 

Sayantan Banerjee: IChemE Affiliate Member

"I did a four year bachelor's degree at Jadavpur University, India. The diversity of chemical engineering careers shown on the whynotchemeng website appealed to me and motivated me to join the course.

During my degree I found IChemE's extensive student tools, eg the Knovel online library to be very helpful. IChemE conducts a biennial student exchange programme with the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE) which I was successfully selected for in 2011."

Blessing Umana: IChemE Associate Member

"After completing my first degree in chemical engineering in Nigeria, I came to the University of Manchester, UK where I completed an MSc and I'm now studying for a PhD. I decided to join IChemE after attending a 1-hour knowledge and experience packed presentation when someone from IChemE visited my university. 

Highlights of the presentation were steps towards becoming a Chartered Chemical Engineer, access to an electronic database of scientific and engineering journals at no cost, networking with professionals in your chosen field, courses at subsidised rates, attending international conferences and webinars in areas of interest, and The Chemical Engineer magazine to mention but a few.

I am eager to actively participate in IChemE's programmes, contribute to the field of modelling and design of chemical processes, and become a Chartered Chemical Engineer."


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